TWICE M/V Teasers Ranked

In preparation for their More & More comeback on June 1, 2020, let us take a trip down memory lane and rank Twice’s Korean music video teasers.

This was extremely difficult as I really do enjoy all the teasers. Each song brought out a new side of Twice that I enjoyed. I ranked the teasers based on charm, aesthetics, and my excitement for the song when the teasers came out. Think I’m egregiously wrong? Let me know in the comments.

13. Signal

Retro themed, Signal’s teasers showed the girls in vintage outfits. With JYP as the song writer, Signal  was going to be different from the others. Even the teasers were different, as they teased the story in the music video instead of what the song was going to be about. I like the color palette in the teasers, but I dislike some of the hairstyles the members had.

12. Cheer Up

The teasers really felt like mashups of different videos. It was all explained during the music video, but I didn’t know it when I first saw the teasers. The teasers had a pastel tone that fit Twice’s sweet and shy concept. The teasers open with the members posing in varsity jackets. With a title like Cheer Up, one would think cheerleaders and upbeat, but the teasers did their job teasing a different approach.

11. TT

TT, the song that hooked me. The teasers tried to subvert expectations with a mysterious and dark vibe in the first teaser. We only get a small glimpse of what the real music video is for 30 seconds. The most memorable 30 seconds with Twice’s iconic opening. I was hooked instantly by the opening instrumental.

10. Knock Knock

The teased knocking sound from TT led to these teasers. Knock Knock was highly anticipated following TT and Cheer Up. It didn’t disappoint with the upbeat instrumental in the teasers. The second teaser was filled with bright colors and patterns that caught your eye. 

9. The Best Thing I Ever Did

A holiday release that just feels you with warmth. The members are outdoors and enjoying the winter with each other. Candid shots of the members playing in the snow bring fond memories of childhood. The individual moments bring a tinge of sadness because holidays are lonely if you don’t have people to share it with. Thankfully, it ends with all 9 in the same room.

8. Likey

It’s not that I don’t like Likey, but the teasers were disappointments to me. This was Twice’s first full length album and all we got were 2 teasers.There were some positives though. I’m a sucker for horns in instrumentals. I loved that the music video was shot outdoors instead of the usual building or screen. A Sana lead chorus was what really caught my attention instead of the usual Nayeon and Jihyo chorus.

7. Fancy

The highly anticipated Fancy gave the world its first glimpse of a more mature Twice. The teasers did not disappoint with their outfits. Fancy would be higher, but the first time I saw the trailer the song wasn’t instantly catchy. Nowadays, it’s a different story. Everything about the teaser was this new mature and confident Twice. I love set aesthetics with its retro-esque elements and neon patterns.

6. Like Ooh-Ahh

The song that started it all. This song is still one of my favorites from Twice to this day. Like Ooh-Ahh was the first teaser I ever saw and I was instantly enthralled with the opening flute.Still confused by the zombies though.  The individual teasers show some of the members’ charm and teased other songs in their album. Dahyun’s eagle dance is all I have to say.

5. Dance the Night Away

An instant bop as soon as I saw the dance teaser. The energy was palpable with the members dancing on a beautiful clifftop in their summer outfits. This song teasers are what summer is all about. Comebacks from repackaged album have the least amount of teasers, but Dance the Night Away had me screaming for the music video to be released.

4. Yes or Yes

Opening with closeups of the members’ mischievous faces, Yes or Yes had everything I wanted in a teaser. We see the members in their new hairstyles, glimpses of their outfits, and great choreo. I’m biased as Mina had the English lyrics that put her front and center during the E teaser  and then Tzuyu got the center during the S teaser. 

3. Heart Shaker

Simple and well executed, Heart Shaker had only 2 teasers which were basically the same. However, there’s something about the members in jeans and a white top that is mesmerizing. 

The chorus is instantly ingrained in my mind as soon as the chorus ended. Lastly, we finally found the source of the bell rings that was teased in Likey.

2. What is Love?

What is Love? had one of the most charming teasers with the members in pajamas fighting for the tv. The sub-unit trailers were fun teasing the various sets in the music video. The final teaser had the chorus which instantly resonated with me when I first watched it.

1. Feel Special

Before I even began, I knew this was going to be number 1. The finale teaser got me so excited for the comeback. The cascading choreo with Jihyo strutting toward the camera was the killing moment. Twice’s stylists were on point for this comeback. I loved the background during the chorus sections and the individual teasers showed off their amazing outfits throughout the song.

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