10 Kpop Christmas Songs

Christmas is right around the corner. Time to revisit some of my favorite tracks, new and old! What are some of your favorite tracks?

IU – 12월 24일 (D.ear Cover) 

I’m cheating with a cover, but this is one of the best Christmas covers ever. The original by D.ear is just as heartwarming.

SNSD – Diamond

One of the best English songs from Girl’s Generation! Shame SM hasn’t released it on streaming platforms, but we can enjoy their live performances.

JYP Nation – This Christmas

I’ve almost forgotten about this song! So many old faces! Oh how I’ve missed the 2nd gen.

Taeyeon – Candy Cane

Everything from Taeyeon’s Christmas album is amazing. Candy Cane just makes you feel all warm and happy with every listen.

The BOYZ – Christmassy!

One of the first Christmas songs released in 2020. A great addition to any Christmas playlist!

LOONA – The Carol 1.0 & 2.0

I remember when the first Carol came out, it just embodies the Christmas spirit. Ver. 3.0 with 12 members, when?!

BTOB – The Winter’s Tale

Disney Onesies! The Winter’s Tale is perfect for getting you into the winter spirit.

Red Velvet – Wish Tree

One of my favorite Christmas ballads ever. Blessed they performed at the beginning of this year.

TVXQ! & SUPER JUNIOR – Show Me Your Love

A classic collab with 2 legendary groups!

GOT7 – Miracle

A soothing ballad, putting you in a reminiscing mood.

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