Top 10 “Better” M/V Moments

TWICE makes everything Better! Better is one of my favorite Japanese releases. The hair style, their outfits, the choreography, everything about this music video is mesmerizing. These are my 10 favorite moments from Better. What are some of your favorite moments?

1. I was not expecting those outfits!!

2. Always look forward to TWICE’s chorus choreo

3. Oo la la la, Entranced by this choreo

4. Tzuyu! Sana! The Choreo! The Bridge!

5. Aesthetic Nayeon

6. Jihyo’s hair complements her so well!

7. Love how this whole scene came together

8. I want my room to look like Dahyun’s room

9. Being classmates with TWICE would be so chaotic!

10. I would die if TWICE showed up at my door!

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