Top 10 “I Can’t Stop Me” M/V Moments

I must’ve seen this over 300 times since this came out!! I Can’t Stop Me is about embracing the feelings of good and bad in us. I love how that duality was presented in the MV. These are my top 10 favorite moments.

1. Mesmerizing Chorus Choreo

2. Iconic 3×3 formation – Oh my, the plaid outfits!!

3. I just love how this was shot and edited

4. TWICE blooming right before our eyes

5. I’m so happy Mina is back to her bias-wrecking ways!!

6. Duality of TWICE. Stunning as usual!

7. Where can I find this Rainbow Colored Canyon – Return of Jeongyeon 3rd Chorus!

8. Sana’s Kingdom – Everything the light touches is hers

9. Oooo Ooo Oooo Certified Tzuyu Bias

10. I never knew Jeongyeon starred in Tron

So what did you think? Did I miss your favorite one?

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