10 Summer Kpop Songs You Should Add

Nothing could be better than enjoying the summer sun at the beach without a care in the world.

The best summer songs conjure up such images and offer a mix of nostalgia and escapism. Here are 10 kpop songs you should add to your playlist. I tried to highlight hidden gems instead of the obvious hits from the likes of SISTAR and SHINee. The Spotify playlist contains those quintessential summer hits along with hidden gems.

Red Velvet – You Better Know

When I think summer Kpop, Red Velvet jumps to the forefront with the perfect summer album, Red Flavor. With its euphoric sound, You Better Know is the highlight of the album. Harnessing some of the best EDM power, the track climaxes in a colossal chorus unleashing Wendy’s voice. It gets even more blissful at the bridge with more synths leading to a vocal-filled finale.

Hyolyn – See Sea

A retro sounding track with a breezy bounce, See Sea is a quintessential jam for summertime playlists anywhere. Hyolyn’s breathy and recognizable vocals are perfect for a summer track. The chorus is the best part with its buoyant beat paired with heavenly synths.

Bolbbalgan4 – Travel

A comforting summer track with a bouncy melody. Sticking to their acoustic sound, Bol4 deliver a feel good summer song.  Jiyoung’s bright vocals are perfectly suited for the song and you can hear the genuine happiness in her vocals. 

Blackpink – Forever Young

The perfect song for that summer fling. Full of beachy vibes, Forever Young starts off with a tropical house sound then suddenly switches to a darker house sound is what sets this song apart. Blackpink is the Revolution

Taeyeon – Baram x 3

Taeyeon has released her fair share of summer tracks and I want to highlight one of my favorites. Baram x 3 gives off so much joy with its groovy instrumental. Through Taeyeon’s phrasing, you can feel the happiness from her voice. The song makes you want to sing along by the end with its catchy chorus. 

Shaun – Way Back Home

Way Back Home feels like a timeless piece as it fits so many moods. Not the typical upbeat summer track, Way Back Home gives off a beautiful vibe. Imagine a montage of your most precious vacation memories flashing before your eyes and that is what Way Back Home is. Perfect for those sunset beach days without a care in the world.

SEVENTEEN – Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day

Continuing with Way Back Home’s vibe, Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day is a great soundtrack for those summer nights. Dripping with nostalgia just as the song before, SEVENTEEN’s performance will have you reminisce about your youth. The chanted pre-chorus is by far my favorite part. The slow tempo is perfectly balanced by its punchy melody. By the end, you will be singing “oh, summer, summer, summer, summer!”

SHINee – Punch Drunk Love

Basically pop perfection, Punch Drunk Love is the best kind of funky. Sounding like a blast from the past, the groove will have you moving. SHINee’s vocals have always been great and this arrangement is no different. The energy never stops with its chugging guitar keeping you grooving till the end.

TVXQ! – Hi Ya Ya

Let’s continue with a true blast from the past! A classic with its 80’s synths and light synths. A breezy song with a gorgeous pop melody. The real highlight is its multi-part chorus with heavenly harmonies. The song may be old, but it’s perfect with its timeless sound.

TXT – Our Summer

Returning to the present, TXT are the new kids on the block. Our Summer has that TXT touch to it with its bright vocals. A synth-pop sounding track with tropical elements. The hypnotic chorus is simple yet gorgeous with the layered vocals. Giving off the perfect summer, dreamy vibe.

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