10 Overlooked Kpop Valentine’s Day Songs

Looking for some new music for that special someone? Here are 10 overlooked songs for your valentine.

1. Red Velvet - Light Me Up

Light Me Up is a mid-tempo R&B track that has an unforgettable groove. The highlight for me is the syrupy speaking parts interspersed between the vocals.

2. Girls’ Generation-TTS - Only U

Quote from Billboard interview with Seohyun, “The lyrics are about the sincerity of love, about a true love. That you fall in love many times, but there’s always going to be that special someone you won’t forget.”

3. The Rose - I.L.Y.

I.L.Y. is a soft, piano-driven ballad that transports you straight into a K-drama. The evocative and emotional vocals express the wish of having a serious relationship with someone.

4. Melomance - Gift

The lyrics talk about how life has changed because of their love. Every moment loving each other is a gift.

5. Chung Ha - From Now On

Chung Ha is able to show off her soothing vocals in this confessional song. A simple yet elegant song showing how much you love someone.

6. NCT U - Timeless (텐데…)

A classic piano ballad allowing the members to shine. The emotional delivery of an endless love is perfectly delivered by the trio.

7. Twice - Sunset

The sun-kissed vibe from this song is perfect for those nostalgic moments with your crush. A refined melody on top the shimmering synths make you long for that perfect vacation with your loved one.

8. Chancellor feat. Taeyeon - Angel

Chancellor’s debut song effortlessly blends Taeyeon’s vocals with Chancellor’s sweet voice. The song is about the ideal and reality of the situation between two people. In the end, they know that they still love each other.

9. Taeyeon - Horizon

Upbeat with the right amount of cheesy with the repeated “falling in love”, Horizon is a catchy and cute song for your crush.

10. Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Red Velvet - Close to Me

A remix with Red Velvet, Close to Me is about not wanting to achieve anything without their significant other with them.

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