Top 10 TWICE B-Sides

TWICE has produced a slew of albums over their career and choosing my top 10 B-sides was incredibly difficult. These are my top 10 TWICE B-Sides. Comment below and let me know what your top 10 are!

1. Only 너 Only You

Written by HA:TFELT (Ye-Eun) of Wonder Girls fame, this song just speaks to me. The song never fails to lìft my spirits. I really like how the song incorporates both rapping and singing and display a variety of vocal styles. My favorite part is the pre-chorus because of how it is relaxing yet still builds up the song toward the chorus.

2. Truth

From TWICE’s first album, “The Story Begins”,  Truth begins with a retro feel that combines well with the hip-hop feel of the verses. The song takes another turn at the chorus with the vocals lending to a pop vibe. The highlight for me is the bridge leading into the final chorus especially when paired with the choreography.

3. Like A Fool

TWICE’s first ballad from their first album, Like A Fool is very nostalgic as it was used in a lot in early TWICE videos and shows. The acoustic guitar paired with piano and harmonica paint a beautiful picture when combined with TWICE’s vocal ability.

4. Sunset

An explosion of 80’s synth-pop bliss, Sunset delivers a dreamy, wistful vibe. Written by Jihyo, Sunset proves that the girls are capable of pulling off other styles. Nayeon’s falsetto at the beginning of the chorus is especially pleasing.

5. Next Page

The uplifting vocals, and hopeful vibe of the song earn it a spot in my top 10. The song is reminiscent of the last day of school. The synthesized oh’s are so catchy and you can’t help but hum along.

6. Young & Wild

“Enjoy and feel special because there is nothing stopping us” Co-written by Chaeyoung, Young & Wild is a hit or miss song for many. The song does border on generic pop, but I like how the song experiments with voice manipulation and how the rap verses are highlighted. I’m also in the camp that enjoys the dubstep-like breakdown.

7. Someone Like Me

Mina’s voice is the star of the song for me in this quiet and unassuming ballad. The song evokes feeling of sitting around a campfire and is easy listening. The harmony in the chorus is just blissful. I really enjoy the simplicity of the song with simple guitar chords and a progression that creates a familiar and soothing melody.

8. Ice Cream (녹아요)

A sweet piece of mellow R&B, Ice Cream/ Melting is that song you want to cozy up to the fireplace with. I really wish there were more performances of this song as I enjoy the member’s vocals even if they all don’t get to shine. I love my TWICE ballads and this is no exception.

9. One In A Million

The song made for ONCEs and full of nostalgia. To this day, I am still enamored with this relaxing acoustic pop track. Even with a small amount of lines, Jeongyeon shines with her high note.

10. Strawberry

Sultry and seductive choreography during TWICELIGHTS World Tour shot this song into the top 10. Another song written by Chaeyoung, the song has a unique touch by blending retro and modern vibes. The laid-back vocals are perfect for a summer drive. However,  the 여기 (yeogi) part live is still burned in my mind.

Honorable Mentions

Deju Vu

Previous Love


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