Top 10 TWICELIGHTS Moments

Since I’m still not over TWICELIGHTS, I rank the top 10 moments for me.

1. Mint Green Sea during "After Moon" at TWICELIGHTS LA

Minari! Minari!

2. Jeongyeon crying during her ending speech

Had me choking up…

3. “딸기 Strawberry”

Close-ups of Tzuyu and Sana during the 여기 (yeogi) part. Kill me.

4. Momo & Jihyo cover of Taemin’s “Goodbye”

New bias?!

5. SaDaTzu Beyonce-sunbaenim cover “Dance for You”

6. “Heart Shaker” Performance

이상하게 or Is Sana gay?!

7. Dubu

“Wow! Nice!” – Dubu, 2019

8. Opening VCR


9. Final Segment

Title track after title track.

10. "Woohoo"

Those scarves!

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