TWICELIGHTS LA has come and gone, and with it comes some serious post-concert depression (PCD). There is nothing to look forward to until TWICE comes back as OT9. What better way to get through PCD than to relive the concert.


TWICELIGHTS lived up to its name with each segment representing a different color and a different concept. From the opening rock remixes of “Stuck in My Head” and “Cheer Up”, it was clear the crowd was in for a treat. TWICE wore glittering black outfits giving an edge to the opening segment consisting of “Stuck in My Head”, “Cheer Up”, “Touchdown”, “BDZ”, and “Yes or Yes”.  Next came the “gold” marching band concept with “I Want You Back” followed by a dance break full of sass and a remix of “Dance the Night Away”. The opening notes of the brassy remix of “Dance the Night Away” hyped the crowd up for this iconic summer jam.

The next segment began with a dream-like sequence with the girls in white. This ballad-focused segment contained performances of “After Moon”, “You in My Heart”, “Sunset”, and “Heart Shaker”. Mina’s absence made this segment even more emotional with the mint-green sea.

No other segment demonstrated the girls ability to seamlessly switch concepts than their performance of “Heart Shaker”. Beginning with a soft, piano remix, the girls went all the way to chorus with the crowd chanting 이상하게 or ONCE’s favorite version “is Sana gay!” when the lights went out. Then a seductive and alluring video of the members in red changed the entire atmosphere.

TWICE returns to stage in smoldering red outfits to a sultry remix of “Heart Shaker” with new choreography. Thus, ushering in the red segment of the concert. “Strawberry” was the next song and this was a total 180 from what I envisioned the song to be. When I first heard the song, it brought about thoughts of summer and a refreshing vibe. In contrast, the song was seductive from the get-go. The close-ups had the members giving looks that challenged the notion that TWICE can only do cute. Continuing with this seductive trend, “Woohoo” had the members dancing sensually with red scarves and the performance surprisingly worked with this sexy remix. Proving that even with their older discography, TWICE still has plenty to offer.

Sticking to the red, seductive theme, came the first sub-unit stage featuring Sana, Dahyun, and Tzuyu with a sultry cover of Beyoncé’s “Dance for You” making me question who my real bias is. Then came Jihyo and Momo’s powerful and evocative version of Taemin’s “Goodbye” bathed in blue. Finally ending with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Chaeyoung’s take on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, which was both vivacious and fiery and got the crowd singing along.

The final segment merged TWICE’s many colors represented by the prism-shaped float the members entered majestically in.  With a dazzling display of color and showmanship, TWICE electrified the crowd with title track after title track of “Likey”, “What is Love?”, “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “TT”, and “Fancy”.  The encore stage continued with the title tracks of “Signal” and “Knock Knock” followed by emotional and heartfelt messages from the members culminating in their final song “Stuck”.

TWICE with all their charm and awe-inspiring talent, there was a hint of sadness throughout the night. With Mina sitting out due to health reasons, her presence was felt throughout the night. Fans cheered even more loudly whenever Mina was shown on screen and many set their CandybongZ to mint green, Mina’s official color. The members themselves couldn’t hold back their tears when mentioning Mina and how sorry they were that all 9 of them couldn’t be present. With the promises and hopes of returning to LA from the various members, the crowd responded with a resounding roar of approval. I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting the return of these 9 talented women, Candybong in hand.

Twaii's Shop

Besides the end of the US leg of the tour, JYPE announced Twaii’s Shop popup store from 8/3/19- 8/25/19 in Korea and Japan. Some highlights from the Korea popup store includes Twice’s Fancy Monograph, Photobook by Dahyun, wireless charger, Cashbee cards, and a slew of new photocards. The Japan store highlights include a bucket hat, pajamas, and sandals.


TWICE’s Instagram account had a plethora of new photos by the members detailing their adventure in the States. Highlights include Nayeon, Momo, Jihyo, and Tzuyu at Universal Studios, SaiDa, and Chaeyoung selfies.


“The company doesn’t know” ft. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo

The members did a live broadcast from the States in their hotel room.

Highlight: Jeongyeon and Jihyo watching Mina’s part on TDOONG Entertainment.

Estee Lauder X TWICE

TDOONG Entertainment

Continuing the promotion of ONCE 3rd Gen membership, TWICE released a 3 part series entitled“TWICE TV ‘TDOONG Entertainment’” which has the members working in the Marketing, A&R, and Business Planning team. The videos are short, funny clips of the members pretending to work at JYP Entertainment.

TWICE Japan Physical Albums

Lastly, the Japan physical releases of “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough” just came out on 7/17/19 and 7/24/19 respectively each with 3 versions.

In conjunction with Twice’s new singles “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough”, AbemaTV held a sweepstakes to meet twice and win a signed bear.

They also filmed a 3-episode show titled “TWICE in Hawaii”!

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