Happy 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary TWICE!!! I can’t believe it has only been 4 years since The Story Begins. This is the second year of Once Halloween and Mina made a special appearance!!! The costumes were spectacular this year and Dahyun proved once again that she is a living meme with her Genie costume. As a thank you to Once, Twice released a music video for Be as One detailing the past 4 years. Lastly, Fake & True music video was released with the album coming out on November 20.

Twice - Be as One

Fake & True

Feel Special - Vertical Cam (V Fanship Only)

NOTE: Viewing these videos require a VLIVE Fanship subscription.

TWICE TV Feel Special - Comeback Week #1

VLIVE X Dispatch - Twice Relay Dance - JYP Medley

Mnet Japan M Countdown Backstage

Mnet M Countdown - Twice interacting with Once

My Little Old Boy (Ep. 162)

Jong Kook’s Shabby Appearance Shocks TWICE

SBS Kpop Play

TWICE X Lotte Duty Free CF

“Let’s Do Something Fun” making film




Highlights: Jeongyeon Day, Tzuyu eating lunch, Pranking Nayeon


Encore and unreleased footage from their performance on Shibuya Note


Jeongyeon X Marie Claire’s Magazine

November 2019 – Scans and English translations



Tzuyu hanging out with CLC’s Elkie

Bonus: Video on Instagram


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