Comeback Special: Feel Special

Twice released their 8th mini-album, Feel Special with their eponymous title track. This special edition of TWICE a Month covers Feel Special’s promotional period. Feel Special provides words of comfort for people who feel insignificant and hopeless. Enjoy the promotions!

TWICE "Feel Special" Music Video

Feel Special Music Show Stages (Playlist)

Feel Special Music Show Wins (Playlist)

Feel Special Cheering Guide

Filmed during their fanmeet

TWICE TV "Feel Special" (Playlist)

Behind the scenes look of members’ parts in Feel Special. Get well soon Mina!

Feel Special Dance Practice

8-member version

Feel Special Relay Dance

Feel Special M/V COPY

The girls having fun dancing to Feel Special

M/V Monitoring Clips (Playlist)

Video output of members filming their solo part of the music video

SBS Kpop Play

Inkigayo - Feel Special Fan Cams (Playlist)

M Countdown - Feel Special Fan Cams (Playlist)

Musicbank x Studio K - Feel Special Fan Cams (Playlist)

Show! Music Core - Feel Special Fan Cams (Playlist)

Mnet K-Pop - M Countdown (Playlist)

SBS Super Concert in Incheon Fan Cams (Playlist)

Feel Special Teasers

Naver - Behind the Scenes: Jacket & MV Shooting

Naver post filled with a plethora of hi-res shots during the making of Feel Special


K-Pop Powerhouse TWICE Opens Up About How Their New Album Is More Personal Than Ever

An interview with Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and Dahyun talking about how personal their latest album is.

See the interview at TIME.


Twice 'Feel Special' On Inspiring New Single and EP: Listen


Twice with Donnie & Connie are hilarious together. Idol Room episode 69 & 70 are no exception. Highlights include: managers dancing with Momo, hanger game, and question game.

tvN - Amazing Saturday - DoReMi Market

Checkout out Nayeon, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung on DoReMi Market ep. 77, where they guess songs and lyrics.

KBS - Hello Counselor

Momo and Dahyun appear on Hello Counselor on 10/7/19 on the episode titled “My Husand Wants to Kick Me Out”

SBS Power FM - Choi Hwajeong’s Power Time

Highlights: Twice talking about how honest they are with each other, Nayeon’s birthday presents, and Jeongyeon’s bucket list.

KBS Cool FM - Kiss the Radio

Only Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Tzuyu were present. Highlights include song recommendations by the members and 21:29 was made.






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