MGMA, Kakao Friends, Twaii and More

This week in TWICE from July 24, 2019 – August 9, 2019. Highlights: MGMA, new Twaii Merch, and Kakao Friends x TWICE collaboration.

M2 x Genie Music Awards - MGMA

Breakthrough is by far my favorite Japanese release from TWICE. It’s a stark contrast to their previous Japanese releases. For their MGMA performance, the girls enter seated on a lift and straight into the chorus of Breakthrough. Then the members launched into the dance break version of Fancy. Finally, they ended with Dance The Night Away. I’m still sad that there isn’t a full performance of Breakthrough yet. I’m hoping that we will be treated with a performance during TWICELIGHTS in Japan in the fall.

There were four Daesangs given out during the MGMA. TWICE won the Daesang (grand award) for Best Selling Artist and the award for Best Female Group. The members mentioned Mina in their acceptance speech and thanked ONCE as well. The best part was Sana yelling into the mic, “Mina, we won an award!”

M2 Fancams

TWICE Naver Blog - TWICELIGHTS in Seoul #1

TWICE Naver blog posted an article about TWICELIGHTS in Seoul. There are some great hi-res shots of the members performing and behind the scene shots. Mina appears in these photos as well because they were shot at the beginning of the tour. Check them out below!

Article on Naver

TWICE Winning Moments

TWICE has come so far from their first music show win. KBS made a compilation of winning moments on Music Bank. Seeing the members cry, is emotional because I know the amount of blood, sweat, and tears the girls put in to achieve their dreams. KBS must be missing Mina too because they made a series featuring Mina and why she is awesome.

Why Mina is Awesome

TWICE Confirmed Preparing for a Comback

On August 8, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE is making a comeback. The music video shooting will begin August 9th. The exact time of the comeback has not been decided, but preparations are underway. Mina’s participation is undecided.

Article on Daum

MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships

Dahyun will be a MC for the upcoming Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC). Only Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu will be participating this time, competing in the Archery event.

Post on TWICE Fan’s

TWICE TV - ‘TDOONG Entertainment’ Behind the Scenes

Twaii Japan

Just take my wallet JYP!!! Think that was a lot of Twaii merch to buy? JYP Entertainment announces new merchandise to be released starting 8/14. Twaii Book, Postcard (2nd Series), Random Badge (2nd Series), and new Keychains with members wearing a Lovelyz onesie.


Teasers leading up to Twaii’s Shop opening containing photos used in the postcards

Twaii's Shop

Special Clips Leading Up to Breakthrough Release 7/24

Shibuya Note

Shibuya Note (Japan TV program) presents TWICE Request LIVE .

The performance song will be determined by the fans. Request a performance below:

Request on NHK

Kakao Friends TWICE Edition

In collaboration with Kakao Friends, TWICE has created a series of unique goods called, Always Together. The pre-launch goodies are metal and enamel pins drawn by the members themselves! The 2nd drop of goods contain goodies including beauty, living, and travel goods. The members split into teams consisting of: “Travel Goods” Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Momo, “Living Goods” Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Sana, “Beauty Goods” Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Mina.

1st Drop: Pre-Launch Goodies

2nd Drop: 20+ Goodies in October


This week saw CFs from Allure, Estee Lauder, Aube, and Acuve and a behind the scenes look at some of them.


Behind the scenes of TWICE’s Allure shoot contains short clips of  Sana & Momo talking and Chaeyoung & Dahyun talking about the shoot.

TWICE TV Estee Lauder

Behind the scenes of TWICE’s Estee Lauder shoot contains clips of the girls talking about Estee Lauder and goofing around. TWICE Naver blog post contains hi-res behind the scene shots of the girls during the Estee Lauder shoot.



Acuve CF JP


A few of my favorites: Jihyo selfies, Dahyun releasing photos, Tzuyu’s “new hair color”, and Sana forgetting her spot in practice.

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