Japan 2nd Album: &Twice, Shibuya Note Goodies, Twice x DX MMORPG, and More

This past month has been filled with Twice promoting Feel Special. Check out their promotions here. JYPE also announced Twice will have a Japan comeback with Fake & True along with their 2nd Japanese album, &Twice. Read on to see what else the girls have been up to in September.


Twice is already gearing up for a Japan comeback already with their new title track Fake & True for their 2nd Japan album, &Twice. Mina will be participating and the album will come with 8 new songs plus BreakthroughI and Happy Happy. Releasing 11/20/2019.

Momo&Sana’s Jayeon TV

Momo and Sana’s vlog during their time in Hawaii.


Everything to Know About K-Pop Group Twice

A well researched article about Twice and how they came to be.

See article on TIME.

Asia Artist Awards 2019

Twice confirmed in the line-up, held in Vietnam on November 26th.


ONCE Halloween 2 and Happy Nayeon Day!!


Lots of goodies and clips from Twice on Shibuya Note in Japan.


Dahyun threw the first pitch at a Twins game.

Twice x DX: War of the New Century CF

DX: War of the New Century is a mobile MMORPG set in the near future where an endless conflict between two human races set out to destroy Balaur.

Just Dance 2020: Fancy

I really hope they use official choreo in some way.



Highlights: Tzuyu solo vlive, MoChaeng TV, and pre-release Vlive!


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