With the new year coming soon, let’s have some fun and make some New Year’s resolutions for 2021. What are your resolutions for this year?

Staying Organized

As I was completing my Master’s program, organizational skills were much needed to keep me from going insane. I’m the type of person that goes with the flow and spontaneous when it comes to my schedule. However, it was getting increasingly difficult to remember all the plans I have made and deadlines I had to meet. I finally got a planner, but my organizational skills still need a lot of work. Example: Stuck In My Head articles. Every week is another opportunity to improve on this.

Learn to Cook More Korean Dishes

A couple of dishes I’ve learned include tteokbokki, jjajangmyeon, and jjamppong. For this year, I want to learn to cook naengmyeon (냉면), army stew (부대찌개), and nakji bokkeum (낙지볶음). Cooking has been something I’ve enjoyed doing ever since college. Nothing better than sitting around the table enjoying a meal with your loved ones.

Perfect My Banchan (반찬)

Along with those Korean dishes above, my banchan,especially kimchi, needs some work. I’ve perfected by bean sprouts and spinach banchan; however, my kimchi isn’t on par with those found in restaurants. Other banchan I’d love to learn how to cook are steamed eggplants (가지나물), spicy radish (무생채), and braised potatoes (감자조림) .

Growing Neomuhae 

Going into our second year, I hope that Neomuhae gets even better. Better YouTube videos, more articles, and more content so that Neomuhae has something for everyone. 

Listen to More Kpop Albums

This may seem easy, but I rarely listen to a group’s full album. I usually only listen to the title track and hopefully someday return to digest the whole album. There are so many great B-sides out there to be discovered and shared!

Catch Up On K-Dramas

Staying organized means more free time that I didn’t have before. More time to enjoy some great shows! My list of much-watch K-dramas grows by the day.

Mastering the Korean Language

I will be heading into Level 3 at the King Sejong Institute. It’s already been a year and my Korean has improved. I can now understand snippets of conversations and lyrics and songs. I hope I get faster at recognizing and understanding by the end of the year.

My level 2 Korean class

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