Hii babes, I hope you’re doing good and staying safe! Okay so serious question, looks are important right? Before you judge me, here me out. While watching a drama what are some things you look for? Romance? A good plot-line? Characters?

I, of course, look at those things while watching BUT, one thing that really gets me excited are the Visualssssss. Yes, I know looks aren’t supposed to be important blah blah blah, but guys trust me this time kay? I just realized I didn’t introduce the drama we’re talking about… when will I learn.

So I’m pretty sure you all have heard of this amazing drama called “Hotel Del Luna” starring our lovely (and Marvin’s favorite) IU. Just in case you haven’t seen this drama I will give you a quick overview of what it is but, I truly encourage you to watch it if you haven’t already.

Hotel Del Luna” is an amazing mysterious hotel that caters to ghosts only (sounds super fun right?!) and is run by a feisty CEO (with an incredible sense of fashion) who is cursed to manage the hotel due to something she did in her past, that she sadly can’t remember what it was. Obviously there is more to the story because a human ends up being the manager of the hotel and he also becomes the love interest of the CEO (IU)  but we’re not going to get into that right now…sorry loves. What we are going to be talking about today are some of my favorite things the drama offered (mainly the visuals). Not only was the plot-line for this drama exciting and different but my goodness it was BEAUTIFUL…. And I’m not just talking about the main characters.

Location, Location, Location

목포근대역사관 1관( Mokpo Modern History Museum No.1)

Loves, can we all agree “Hotel Del Luna” is a beautiful dreamland that we all wouldn’t mind living in?! We would have to deal with the creepy ghosts but it’s fine, we’ll be fine lol. The drama mainly took place at the hotel but funnily enough, it actually was never shot at an ACTUAL hotel. There were 2 locations which made up what we know as “Hotel Del Luna” and one was this lovely museum named “Mokopo Modern History Museum”.

Before it was known as “Mokpo Modern History Museum” it was actually a Japanese consulate that was built in the 1900’s. In the museum there are many pictures and historic details from that painful occupation.

Not only did they pick some of the most beautiful locations to film at, they also picked a place with some history #lovethat.

Hotel Seine(호텔 세느장)

I bet you lovely peeps didn’t know the hotel in “Hotel Del Luna” was filmed at 2 locations… okay so you probably did (I literally told you guys earlier lol), so this isn’t new information but isn’t that cool?! I was very excited to find out that the inside of “Hotel Del Luna” is an ACTUAL cafe that I can visit and take aesthetically pleasing pictures at. Hotel Seine is a 4-story cafe where each floor is something different.  For example, the first floor is the “lobby” and that’s where you’re able to order all types of drinks and tasty pastries. The second story is a “Cake Factory” and so on so forth, okay now for the amazingly beautiful part of this cafe… the balcony.

The fourth floor is probably my favorite floor of this cafe (we can tell lol), it’s called “Full Moon Rooftop Lounge”. 

One of the most dreamy spots that I remembered  from the drama was the lovely balcony scene.

Guys, when I first saw this scene…. I was like okay it’s official I’m moving to Korea and going to this cafe to fake study and plan all my non-existent adventures. Every visual in this drama was beautiful but for whatever reason this scene stuck with me the most.

In the beginning, I was so sure that the magical balcony was all a lie and was just CGI ( which some of it most likely is). However, to find out that the balcony is actually real and just as dreamy as it’s shown in the drama, made me ready to book my flight, like now.

Food Is All I Think About…#relatable

Changhwadang — Daehakno Branch (창화당 대학로점)

While watching k-drama’s I tend to get hungry due to all the yummy food that is being shown because let’s be honest Korean food is elite (fight me on that.. Jk don’t fight me lol). Correct me if I’m wrong but we all remember those amazing dumplings right?! In the first episode when our lovely CEO was trying to bribe Mr. Human boy to work for her but she wanted to settle their agreement at her favorite dumpling place (what an icon).

What’s even cuter is that IU’s character (Jang Man-Wol) posted on “her” IG showing off the delicious dumplings.

Dumplings just so happen to be one of my favorite snacks (yes, I know it’s a meal for some but it’s a snack for me lol) and watching her eat the ones in the drama made me extremely jealous. Wanna know a little secret, you don’t have to travel all the way to Korea to try the dumplings our queen IU was gushing over. There is actually a location in LA! Which saves us a plane ride and a lot of money. Unless you don’t live anywhere near LA then…. Well, I’m sorry, loves.

Let’s Be Honest… We Only Care About the Fashion…

Okay loves, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (literally no one was waiting for this), THE FASHION. Many of you don’t know this but your favorite kdrama-addict (I.E me) also loves fashion, like a lot. So I was blown away by all the trendy fashion looks that were being thrown my way from Miss Fashion Icon herself IU. To be honest… I’m just going to be posting pictures of my favorite looks from her #sorrynotsorry, Okay let’s start!

Music Makes Everything Better

If you didn’t cry at some point during this drama, we need to have a serious chat my friend. The plot-line alone would make me tear up while watching (no spoilers don’t worry). I’m not being dramatic when I say that everything about this drama was perfection.. Well at least in my eyes.

Picture this, amazingly talented actors who can make you forget you’re watching a fictional show, a somewhat happy but a little sad ending then you add a PHENOMENAL OST on top of that?! Cue the waterworks. Weirdly enough, I’m not one who goes crazy over drama OSTs. If I hear the “main song” that plays whenever something good, bad or unexpected happens.

I tend to just stick with that song and not seek out the others. Hotel Del Luna really changed my views of OSTs, every single song on this album was beautifully made. These OSTs were so popular that 3 of the songs even ranked high on Melon music charts (“Remember Me”-Gummy,“”A Poem Called You”- TaeYeon and “Can you see my Heart”-Heize).

My favorite song by far is “Can You See My Heart- Heize”, guys I’m not kidding when I say I start crying whenever I listen to this song. Heize’s voice is like pure silk in this song and I had it on repeat for days after watching this drama just to relive the magic I felt while watching this show.

If you guys are interested, Hotel Del Luna is available for watch on Viki, Happy Watching!

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