My First Korean Class


읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!

With COVID-19 moving everything to home, I was able to finally register for my first Korean class. Classes moved online making it more easily accessible for me as the commute was my reasoning for not registering earlier. Currently, there are 2 campuses where you can take classes from King Sejong Institute Center: Irvine and Los Angeles. Upon enrolling you may take a test to determine your level. I was able to place in Sejong Korean 1 which is one level above basic fundamentals. Previously, my only experience with Hangul (Korean language) is being self-taught. 

My first day, I was glad to see that I was at the right level. I was able to read as fast as my classmates who moved up from basic fundamentals. We met every Tuesday at 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Class was time to perfect your conversational skills and pronunciation. Homework focused on strengthening our vocabulary and kept us practicing what we learned. 

The class was well taught and I always felt challenged every week. We learned the basics of creating simple sentences among other things such as counting (Korea uses 2 sets of counting numbers) and how to conjugate in the present tense. The most challenging thing was practicing. If I didn’t practice the week before, the next class was challenging as the sentences would not flow as easily. I really had to practice every day trying to create sentences as I go about my day.

I highly recommend taking a Korean class. It will be hard as adults have a harder time obtaining a new language, but immersing yourself with the language is the best way to become fluent. As I move onto level 2, my goal is to practice daily and not fall behind. 파이팅!

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Jerome Madlangbayan


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