1 Year Anniversary!

It’s been one year since Jerome and I started this website. It all started with our love of Twice and kpop in general and we wanted to share our enthusiasm with the world. Thus, Neomuhae was born.


A lot has happened between now and then. I started my new job and got married. I underestimated my workload and the site suffered with lack of content being pushed out. However, I have a year of teaching experience under my belt and figured out how to balance my hobbies with work. I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who support me and are understanding because without them I probably would have quit before this even began.

Now that reflection is out of the way, let’s talk about our future plans! I’m glad to announce that we are working on a YouTube channel! Our first video is scheduled to release on August 7 so we’d love it if you would subscribe so you won’t miss it.

But wait, that isn’t the only good news. We also have a new member joining our team, Andrew!! You’ll see him mainly on our YouTube channel videos.

Besides all the new stuff coming, new articles should be coming out more frequently. So if you’re looking to share your passions about anything Kpop or Korean related, join us on Discord and shoot me a message. We are always looking to add more people who want to share their love of Kpop and Korean culture.

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Congrats guys!

Jerome Madlangbayan

Thank you!

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