Making a YouTube Channel

A few filming sessions later and I’ve gained so much respect for YouTubers. I love sharing my love for Kpop and Korean culture so when Jerome proposed the idea of creating a YouTube channel, I instantly agreed. However, we needed another person because Jerome refuses to be in front of the camera.

If you’re reading this, demand Jerome to be in front of the camera!
Tell Jerome to get on camera!x
I digress, but the channel would not have been a reality if not for Andrew. He happily agreed even though he had very basic knowledge of the Kpop world. Thus, we had a date for our first shoot.

Our V2 setup. As of today we’re on a V3 setup with a longer backdrop.

“Anything that can go wrong, will definitely go wrong” as the adage goes. We planned on using a green screen, but quickly found out that it wasn’t big enough nor did it look nice in post-production. Filming in a garage is privy to outside noises, so we adapted by pausing during traffic noises. Footage and audio had to be scrapped for various reasons. Lastly, just being in front of the camera is a work in progress. Comfortability comes from experience and as we shoot more, I’ve slowly opened up the more we shoot.

The channel has a bright future with endless possibilities for videos. Every filming session comes with new challenges but also is better than the last. We are constantly striving to put out great content and always thinking on how we can improve ourselves and the channel. I hope you check it out and subscribe!

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