December has been sparse with content and I do apologize. I recently got married this December and wedding preparations are no joke. As the wedding day approached, I had less time for everything else. However, I am back as a married man! I’m excited to share my experience planning my own wedding and how I incorporated Kpop into the wedding.

I must admit most of my family and friends do not listen to kpop nor would they ever. However, that didn’t stop me from incorporating what I love into the wedding. The most important part is choosing music for the ceremony itself. It is important to choose songs that fit the mood you are aiming for. I wanted the atmosphere to be inviting, calm, and a celebration of love. This drove me to my music choices.

During the processional, I had to have a TWICE song. TWICE’s discography doesn’t lend well to processionals so I had to be creative. I wanted an instrumental as well because it let guest know the ceremony was about to begin. I wanted happy and light and I landed on What Is Love? Piano Cover by DooPiano.

For the bridal processional, her entrance had to be different than mine and the wedding party’s songs. I chose Crush’s Beautiful Life Piano Cover by DooPiano. It suited the vibe perfectly as I wanted a more dramatic song to fit the magnitude of the moment. Also, Goblin was one of the first shows we had in common.

The last bit of Kpop was during the reception. Dinner music was a collection of love songs from all genres of music. Some that I chose are: Twice – Feel Special, BTS – Boy With Luv, and Bolbbalgan4 – Some. If you are choosing dinner music, I aim for easy listening as guests are preoccupied with eating and drinking.

Instead of Beyonce’s Single Ladies for the bouquet toss, I chose another single ladies anthem: Jennie’s Solo.

For the dance portion of the wedding, I had an eclectic playlist with various genres and decades. I tried to appeal to all my guest to get them to come up and dance a bit before the night was over. I still got my Kpop in with songs like Blackpink’s Ddu-du ddu-du, Girls Generation’s Gee, and Twice’s Dance The Night Away.

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