With Itzy ending their US premiere showcase tour, it’s time to relive their LA stop at The Novo. I didn’t have my usual partner-in-crime, but I did bring someone to their first Kpop show ever! Itzy did not disappoint even though they have a small discography. This was my second time at The Novo and this time I got better seats that provided a perfect, centered view of the stage.

The energy was palpable in the building leading up to ICY. Yeji’s hey, hey, heys brought the audience to their feet with their latest lead single. The members of Itzy looked like veterans with their stage presence. Charisma was oozing from each member and it continued into their second song, IT’z SUMMER. No wonder it was warmer than usual that day.

With “All in us, Hi, we are Itzy!!”, fans cheered for each member as each member was able to showcase their English skills. The first break was the “Question? ITZY!” segment where the audience got to learn a little about each member. One question that had the biggest crowd reaction was which member is best at aegyo. I definitely agree that Chaeryoung and Yuna were the best of the group.

Then came the first game where members had to guess the 3 songs that are being mashed together called Challenge Mix Song game. Chaeryoung killed it and was not afraid to let her members know who was the best. Yeji lost and as punishment had to take a few pictures with a sunflower hat.

Itzy’s cover stage was next and was my most anticipated stage. They covered Twice’s TT and GOT7’s Hard Carry. The quintet slayed the performance showing that they can do any concept from the cute, point dances to the sharp, powerful moves. Please excuse my enthusiastic cheering.

Afterwards they played one of my favorite variety show games, the whisper challenge. From the get go, everyone knew Ryujin was the weak link and it was hilarious watching the girls struggle for minutes on end. The emcee at one point was lost on how to keep the night moving along. In the end, the girls won.

A short video was played before the girls came back on stage with Cherry. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this song. This was my friend’s favorite stage of the night. Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna proceeded to say their thank yous  during the final moment and I was surprised at how well their English was. ITZY ended the night with a bang with Want It? and the song that started it all, Dalla Dalla.

ITZY proved why they are considered powerhouse rookies tonight. They showed why they stand out in the KPop world. The premiere showcase definitely made new MIDZY’s with their combination of style and swagger perfect for their LA stop. With the announcement of a comeback coming soon, I can’t wait to see what new colors ITZY will show.

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