Before I knew it, KCON LA was upon us once again. Time flew since I attended my first KCON last year with TWICE. KCON LA was one of the best experiences this summer. Even though it felt curse with Chung Ha, ONEUS, and Everglow facing visa issues and Wheein of Mamamoo pulling out, the concert was exhilarating. This year, I opted to only attend the concert as there wasn’t much to do in the convention last year. I’m not really interested in the booths nor standing in lines for freebies.

Night One

This year, I was on the opposite side of the stage that gets the most camera attention. I was really looking forward to performances by LOONA and IZ*ONE.


ATEEZ & LOONA began the concert with a cover stage. ATEEZ covered Block B’s Very Good and LOONA did BTS’s Not Today.  I was surprised by the fan support for ATEEZ as the cheering and screaming never stopped. However, STAN LOONA! I’ve been a LOONA stan ever since Heejin’s Vivid. Seeing them in concert, was worth night one alone. I really loved how it wasn’t just a dance cover, but had the artist’s vocals as well.


AB6IX was a great way to start the show. I really enjoyed their performance of Breathe and so did my friends. However, Hollywood came on and I couldn’t help but cringe with some of those lyrics. Speaking “welcome to my Hollywood” was silly and made no sense especially when they tried to deliver it in the most edgy way possible. It reminded me of a noisier Monsta X beat.


Momoland came to KCON again and it was nothing new or exciting. It was weird watching them take the stage with 6 members and it didn’t help that they performed Bboom Bboom and BAAM again. Furthermore, I was never keen on I’m So Hot and that led to a forgettable stage from them.


ATEEZ definitely surprised me with their set: Wave, Dancing Like Butterfly Wings, Say My Name, and Hala Hala.The crowd definitely helped as well with the amount of support showered upon them. They gave the performance their all and it showed with their presence taking over the arena.


LOONA was the sole reason why I agreed to go to the first night of KCON. They did not disappoint. They were especially popular with the crowd, me and my  friends included. The sheer amount of members added to their stage presence and I wish they performed more than just Hi High and Butterfly. They teased the crowd with snippets of the cover songs and I was hoping for a Fire or Cherry Bomb full performance.


SF9 had a “senior artist” vibe to them and their performance was enjoyable. I enjoyed O Sole Mio and Now Or Never. It was my first time hearing a b-side from them and Play Hard was a great addition to their set. On the other hand, I still don’t enjoy RPM that much.


IZ*ONE was a group I was looking forward to as well. I enjoyed the live performances of La Vie En Rose and Violeta. Highlight and Airplane were nice listens as well, but the finale was a pleasant surprise. The girls performed Pick Me and brought the arena to life. I was genuinely surprised on how much I enjoyed this performance.


NU’EST was the revelation of the night to me. Before KCON, I’ve heard snippets of their song, but never actually gave them a fair listen. I walked away with new additions to my playlist with Dejavu and Bet Bet. My friend also hyped them up for me and they didn’t disappoint. Even though they didn’t blow the roof off the arena, their set made up for it with a quality performance.

Night Two

Night One was solid, but Night Two was sensational with amazing performances one after another. Night Two was the reason why I wanted to go this year with ITZY and Mamamoo in the lineup.

Stray Kids & N.Flying

Stray Kids & N.Flying were great openers. 3Racha and N.Flying did a mash-up of Dalla Dalla and Gogobebe and it left me wanting a studio version!


VERIVERY came up next and had the smallest fandom of the night. They performed Tag Tag Tag which I have grown to enjoy. They even added a dance break during the performance. Ring Ring Ring was next and with having it heard live, I will definitely be adding this to my playlist. I look forward to hearing more music from this group.


ITZY!!!!! Icy and Dalla Dalla were made to be played in big arenas. The energy and excitement was palpable as they were highly anticipated. They also performed their b-side It’z Summer which was a perfect compliment to their two bops. Unfortunately, the girls left the arena early and didn’t come back for the finale. I can’t for their world tour one day!


N.Flying only performed two songs and it was a shame they didn’t play more. They did  Rooftop followed by a live version of their Queen medley. Boy did that medley electrify the crowd. They are insanely talented and I’m going to dive deeper into their discography after this.


Fromis_9 came next and I wish I could say that I enjoyed the performance. It was probably because I saw them last year and the energy of their performance was the same. I still don’t like Fun and a live performance didn’t move the needle that much. Love Rumpumpum and Love Bomb were much better and more enjoyable.

Stray Kids

Stray Kids was probably the most anticipated act of the night based on my surroundings. The screams were deafening for the boys. I must admit I don’t listen to many songs by them, but their set (Side Effects, Victory Song, Miroh, & My Pace) brought tons of energy to the arena. They have slowly grown on me as certain songs have entered my daily listening.


Mamamoo was my most anticipated group after ITZY. I was disappointed Wheein had to sit out, but the other 3 members put on a dazzling performance. They did their 4 Season singles of Starry Night, Egotistic, and Gogobebe. I really hoped they would do Wind Flower, alas, that song wouldn’t fit the vibe of the concert. I was ecstatic to hear Decalcomanie performed live and it was the highlight for me. Solar also did her rendition of Selfish from Aladdin showcasing her vocal talent.


SEVENTEEN was a great choice to close out the night. They began with their latest single Hit and continued with more uptempo songs. They did Good To Me, Clap, Adore U, and Very Nice. Seventeen showed why they were the closers with their performance of Very Nice. They repeatedly had fake-out endings with each one leading to another round of the chorus. They kept pumping up the crowd and getting them to jump. Thus solidifying my thoughts on attending their concert one day.

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