Top 10 Moments from Feel Special

I loved every bit of the music video. I was captivated from the start, visually and sonically. Here are my top 10 moments from the music video. What are yours?

1. Mina Reveal!

Oh how I’ve missed all 9 members on one stage.

2. Slaying the Dance Break

3. MiChaeng’s Sly Smiles

4. Bow Down Before Empress Tzuyu

(Slightly biased here.)

5. Jihyo Center Part

I really love this choreo and Jihyo with that deadly stare.

6. Dahyun Spitting Fire During the Rap Break

7. Nayeon's Part

Warning: Visual Overload!

8. Jihyo's Monitor Part

I’d be entranced too, with 80 screens of Nayeon staring at me.

9.SaiDa Moment

Feat. Dahyun’s killer smile.

10. Me: “I love Jeongyeon.”

Jeongyeon: “I love me too.”

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