Taeyeon – Purpose

Taeyeon is one of my favorite artists and I couldn’t wait until I got my hands on her latest album Purpose. Since it’s the holiday season, I like to open my autumn purchases at the end of the year.

Purpose has a Red and White version for the regular edition and a deluxe edition. The front of the regular edition has the same cover sleeve for every version. The deluxe edition is bigger and has a different album cover. The difference between the deluxe and regular edition are the photos in each booklet and the photocards (real reason why I have 3 editions). There are 4 different photocards for the regular edition and 2 different photocards for the deluxe edition.The deluxe edition also comes with a postcard and a different poster. The front and back cover of the albums display a message about accepting the fact that you can change and still be the same person. The same message is also on the CDs themselves.The message is a great metaphor because the album really shows how far she has come as an artist.

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