Day6 Gravity World Tour

With the release of their latest album The Book of Us: Entropy, it’s a perfect time to talk about Day6’s Gravity World Tour.

Opening with Best Part, Day6 instantly electrified the atmosphere with this banger. Jae and Young K continuously hyped the crowd up telling them they can get louder than that. Unlike normal kpop concerts, Day6 brings their discography to life with their musicianship showing that they don’t need synchronized choreography to keep the crowd entertained. They didn’t have any crazy stage effects or outfit changes, just the 5 of them on stage. Gravity World Tour was filled with old hits and new hits. Nostalgia-laden hits such as Congratulations and You Were Beautiful were even more powerful with the audience singing parts of the songs. To end the set, Day6 played Dance Dance and Freely and spent every ounce of energy they had left to get the crowd to do the same.

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