TWICE Surprises with New Song at MAMA

WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! ONCE’s WERE YOU EXPECTING A NEW SONG?!? Twice performed the unreleased track titled, Cry For Me for the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards! The members mentioned on their VLIVE that they were only able to perform this song because of MAMA. This song would’ve been their comeback, but was changed because the song was deemed unfit for them, hinted by Momo. Nayeon mentions that this song isn’t planned on being released on a repackage or any album, but a gift for ONCE. Hopefully, the success of the song can sway JYP Entertainment to release the song. Expect a review if it ever is released until then let’s just enjoy this beautiful, unexpected gift. Thank you TWICE <3

Check out their More & More and I Can’t Stop Me performance as well!

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