Seize the Light: Special Episode 9 Recap

Blessed with a special episode of Seize the Light. This time, we get to see Twice after their world tour and hear their thoughts about the tour ending prematurely. We open with their performance in Chiba, Japan, unbeknownst to them would be their last as COVID-19 forced their final concerts to be canceled. The documentary picks up where the members are preparing for their More & More comeback. We see the girls filming the music video, shooting Time to Twice, and Seize the Light Live Show. It’s great seeing them enjoy themselves while filming for More & More as we are treated with footage of them doing the intro segment of the music video. 

Next we get the members thoughts and reactions about filming for Seize the Light. We also get new footage that wasn’t aired with the docu-series. We see some Jeongyeon footage, Tzuyu and Sana being playful, Momo practicing her English, and Nayeon having fun with her members. 

Ask and it will be delivered, as the members talk about what they wish to see in the docu-series. Jihyo wants to see the members cry and we get footage of Dahyun crying after Onces sing happy birthday to her. The best is the duality of Jeongyeon where we see her become emotional thanking Once for their support followed by “Chicago pizza is very delicious” causing the crowd to burst into laughter. Following the Chicago theme, Chaeyoung wanted footage from the restaurant they ate at. Nayeon admitted that she was even more playful with the cameras this time around as they were always filming. I love her reactions when she tried to get Chaeyoung to spill the contents of her diary. Dahyun wanted a shot of the members rising from the stage. Mina wanted footage of their rehearsals in the practice room. Mina, they heard your request! We are treated with Dance the Night Away performance alternating between the stage and rehearsal footage. 

Coming full circle from the final episodes, we hear their thoughts on the future. Nayeon knows one day they will each be following their dreams and hopes that they can still get together. Tzuyu mentions that some members may pursue other paths and that Once will be getting older. Sana is similar to Nayeon in that she hopes they get together regularly. Mina had the best quote mentioning how she hopes Twice is remembered and talked about for future generations and being in a textbook. I couldn’t help but smile as I definitely will be showing my children Twice. Chaeyoung wants to put her stamp on the world with her uniqueness. Momo doesn’t know what will happen in the distant future but does hope for 10 year reunions which I so dearly hope for too. Dahyun wishes for the well-being of everyone and hopes that they can continue to be their cheerful selves. Jeongyeon has the same sentiment as Mina and hopes they’d get together as well. Jihyo wants to remember the times as joyful times and continue being happy after.

I don’t like to think of a future without TWICE, but realistically they can’t perform forever. Like Momo, I do hope they come together for special occasions and bless Once with more music. Whatever the members strive to do, I know that Once will always be their supporting them. 화이팅!

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