Seize the Light: Episode 7 & 8 Recap

The emotional journey is over. I was looking forward to episode 7 since the announcement of the docu-series. I wanted to know the impact Mina going on hiatus had on the members. Tzuyu opened the episode with a quote that hit hard, “everyone figures it out on their own… is that why she was not talking to us?” Referencing Mina’s hiatus during their world tour. The somber moment continued with shots of their Singapore concert and you can visually see Twice and the audience in tears. 

We are then shown Twice continuing their tour with their US leg giving us a respite from the emotions. We see the members happily rehearsing and performing at each stop. That respite was short as Dahyun talks about how Onces filled each stop with Mina’s color. Then we have Jeongyeon’s speech apologizing for the whole group not being able to be on stage.

We are then given a glimpse of Twice’s life throughout the world tour and more thoughts on Mina’s absence. Throughout the docu-series the members have always talked about how they rely on others for support especially during touring as it is a stressful time. Chaeyoung talked about how they all agreed that they would wait for Mina to come back and had faith she would return no matter how long it took. We get to hear Mina’s thoughts at the end. She talks about the anxiety she had performing on stage and the anxiety that came with staying at home while the others are performing.

The finale starts with news of Mina’s recovery and her return to the stage. I remember the moment the news broke that Mina would rejoin the Japan leg of the tour and appeared at Once Halloween. I was glad that Mina was able to overcome her anxiety with the help of her company and members. 

This episode made me tear up when each member started talking about what the other members mean to them. The way they encourage each other and are always there for each other. Mina’s words said it all: “ I wouldn’t have made it, I wouldn’t have achieved this much, and I wouldn’t have changed myself.” I couldn’t help but think about my closest friends during this time. They have always been there for me and have accepted me for who I am. Without their strength and support, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

No one knows what the future holds and the same goes for Twice. As they mature, their music matures and so does their message as seen in their Feel Special comeback. Their maturity can be seen when they talk about the future. They know that each of them are different and have different aspirations and one day it will all be over. Like Nayeon, I hope that Twice is still a team whenever and wherever they are. 

A special episode is coming next week on June 24th!! Come back then!

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