Seize the Light: Episode 6 Recap

Their first global world tour was a sight to behold. Seize the Light takes us behind the scenes of their world tour. You can see that concerts are multi-day affairs with the members arriving and going straight to work.

According to the members, hours before performing are the most hectic. Multiple members mention that they worry about the choreography and constantly think about their performance. During the concert, it is still hectic with each member having a team of stylists fussing over hair, make-up, and outfit changes.

Touring world is a treat for fans, but it does have a toll on the members. Mina talks about how exhausting touring is and she can’t sleep because she is thinking about her next movements. It was sad to hear the vocal trainer mention that at times it was too much and Mina would break down at the end. The other thing is health concerns during touring. Jeongyeon had a sty during the Manila concert and she talks about how annoying it is with an eyepatch. I am in awe that she was able to perform with one eye without letting nausea take over. In Singapore, ten minutes before showtime, Dahyun doesn’t feel well. A combination of exhaustion and illness caused a scare, but Dahyun fought through it and still performed.

This episode highlights how much Once really means to Twice. The love Onces show Twice has a huge positive effect and the members talk about how the cheers keep them going. Once is the reason why Twice wants to strive for perfection, but it does have its downsides like lack of sleep and that feeling of having to do everything perfectly. I hope they get as much rest as they deserve. They pour their heart out for their craft and you see it every night on stage.

Next episode, Mina’s absence is addressed. Get ready for another emotional episode.

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