Seize the Light: Episode 5 Recap

What we rarely see from successful people is the amount of work they put in. Twice is no different with the amount of work they put into perfecting their craft. The anecdotal story told by their vocal trainer really shows how hard the members work outside of scheduled practices. 

We are treated with footage of an empty Seoul Concert Hall, the day before rehearsal. It is breathtaking to see an empty venue with seats waiting to be filled with eager fans. As always the members always say hello to staff and workers no matter how big they get. You can feel the amount of sweat they put into perfecting their tour with new routines showing a new side of Twice. Queue the runthrough of WooHoo with a new routine. I remember seeing this performed live and they slayed that performance.

It’s show day and we see thousands of fans lining up for their Seoul concert. We see the members moments before they enter the stage. I remember their LA concert moments before the first notes of Stuck in My Head, The excitement and anticipation was palpable after the intro VCR. Some lucky fans from the LA concert were even shown in this episode! I’m getting concert withdrawals again seeing Twice’s performances again. I can’t wait for next week!

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