Seize the Light: Episode 4 Recap

Delving deeper, episode 4 is all about the members talking about their own personalities. This is my favorite episode so far with members showing their natural selves. 


Nayeon had the most surprising thoughts of everyone stating that she believes that how others perceive her is different to how she perceives herself. If you’ve seen Nayeon, you know she is incredibly goofy, cheerful, and relaxed, but that is with her members. I like the clip where Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Dahyun laugh about being out of tune on-stage giving us a glimpse of what is happening during the concert.


Jeongyeon begins her bias-wrecking crusade by showing some of her aegyo, a total 180 from her girl crush days. Personality wise, Jeongyeon shares that she can’t hide what she is feeling because it shows in her face. She shares a story about the time a horse kicked her in the leg, which is excruciatingly painful. She now has a scar as a reminder of the traumatic event.


The queen of dance fittingly starts her segment with a humorous clip of her dancing during rehearsal. Momo’s love for eating is just as big as her love for dancing. I love how she humbly admits she causes troubles and instantly apologizes to her managers.


Sana loves being around others as she doesn’t like being alone. This one hits home as I struggled with this during my college years. There is no greater feeling than surrounding yourself with those who understand you and accept you for who you are, weird quirk and all. Aptly shown with Sana randomly dancing at the dinner table with Jihyo and Momo joining in on the fun.


Jihyo divulges her love for cats for the first time in an interview. She really has grown up since her debut days when she talks about moving away from home and being happy with her pet. I like how the members are able to reflect on their own imperfections and know what they need to work on. We can see their individual growth throughout their time as Twice.


Mina is one of us!! She retells the story where Jihyo finds that Mina hasn’t moved an inch since she left for a few hours. There are those days where you just lay in bed and do nothing all day and I can really relate to that. Lastly, Mina talks about her ability to focus and is the reason why we see her enjoy building LEGOs and knitting.


Starting off in typical Dahyun fashion, we see her doing goofy poses during the concert. She explains that her demeanor changes with the situation, which other members have stated that her persona is different on-stage and off-stage. Ending the same way it started, Dahyun endears herself to the audience with a knowing smirk.


Chaeyoung is the embodiment of easy-going. She can’t lie, dislikes arguments, and can’t say a bad word about others. However, as she explains, she isn’t a pushover because she is direct and speaks her mind. We get glimpses of her artistic side through her fashion choices and her works like her backpack.


I’m definitely most like Tzuyu. It takes a while for us to open up, but when we do, our goofy sides come out. It is difficult for us to express our emotions, but unlike Tzuyu, I’ve grown out of my timid self. 

I wish there was more time spent on the last 4 members, but I’m sure their time will come. JYP’s philosophy of cultivating an environment where people can be themselves is very admirable. I try to do the same in my classroom with my students. It is comforting to hear JYP state that the Twice we’ve come to know is really them and not a persona. 

Come back for Episode 5 next week!

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