Seize the Light: Episode 2 Recap

What a beautiful intro with young Jihyo singing during her trainee years with flashes of the members during their trainee years. Continuing from episode 1, the members reflect on their beginning days as JYP trainees.

There are some great clips of Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon as trainees together and growing up together. We learn nuggets of what it was like to be a JYP trainee. The foreign members talked about learning a new language and moving away from home. Days are filled with scheduled practices and lessons while attending school.

The emotionally stirring section is when the members express what it felt like not knowing if they would ever debut. Jihyo and Jeongyeon goes over the string of bad luck preventing them from debuting with Nayeon and how it affected them mentally. Sana shares that she gained weight because she was stressed about the thought of quitting.

For me, Momo’s is the most relatable because of the current pandemic. She mentions how a sense of monotony had taken over because she did the same thing every day and it felt like the end goal wasn’t within reach. Chaeyoung seemed the strongest mentally because of her fierce conviction that she will be a singer. Mina beautifully expressed the challenge of being a trainee as a mountain that she would overcome.

The ending portion I feel is a message toward those who dream of becoming an artist, but can apply to life as well. The path is hard and a lot of sacrifices have to be made. You really have to want it and love what you are doing. Seize the Light is an emotional roller coaster so when they mention the highs of Twice’s debut, they bring up Momo’s path to debut. To this day, it is hard to watch Sixteen because of the emotional episode where Momo got eliminated. However, when you are at the bottom there is only one direction to go.

JYP is like a proud dad when talking about why he chose the members of Twice. The episode ends seeing the evolution of the members from trainees to headlining their own world tour over the Feel Special soundtrack leaving the viewers with a warm hug.

Episode 3 comes out next week, so come back!

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