Seize the Light: Episode 1 Recap

Twice: Seize the Light docu-series officially released yesterday with their first episode. All 8 episodes can be viewed if you have a subscription to YouTube premium. To prevent spoilers, episode reviews will be released after the episode has aired for those without a subscription.

Going into the episode, I knew this docu-series would be an emotional roller coaster. The audience is treated to behind-the-scenes footage from the beginning. As promised, we get a glimpse of what the members go through during the concert and the preparation beforehand.

This episode focused on how the members came into the kpop industry. They went over their story of how they got casted and why they became trainees at JYP. Jeongyeon had an emotional story about her grandmother. Her grandmother raised her throughout middle school and really wanted to see Jeongyeon become a singer.

This continued with other members talking about enduring hardships during their trainee years and emotion filled stories about how their parents supported their dreams. The most heart-warming segment as it is relatable to me and my parents who gave everything for me and my siblings to succeed.

Thinking we would end on a happy note with scenes of the members enjoying the world tour, Mina’s absence is addressed at the end. Leaving us in an emotional state because Mina’s absence was hard for ONCE’s as well as the members. Mina does eventually return from her length break, but it still hurts thinking about those times. 

After episode 1, I want off this emotional roller coaster! Hearing the members talk about their hardships and struggles is difficult as I want them to be happy because they’ve given so much to joy to people around their world. I’m glad to know the members have a great support system in their family. It was surprisingly pleasant to see Chaeyoung and Momo’s parents make an appearance.

Check out Episode 1 below via YouTube and come back next week for Episode 2!

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