Album Review: Feel Special

I was planning to do an immediate review, but I felt that my bias would overrate all the songs. After two weeks of listening, I have a better idea of where I’d rate these songs. Personally, this is in the top 3 Twice albums for me. Every song suits my music taste. I feel very grateful that Mina was able to lend her voice to the album. The girls went for a more elegant and chic look and the music shares that vibe. Twice’s chemistry and charm is undeniable and is what makes Feel Special stand out.

Feel Special

From the beginning, the synth loop grabbed my attention immediately. This isn’t the usual quirky-cute Twice. Right from the beginning, the dance beat takes control of the song and provides an air of confidence. Even during the sudden half-time of the pre-chorus. The song maintains that momentum. The climactic chorus has that anthemic quality which I crave for in music. The lyrics put this song over the top for me with its comforting message to those who feel insignificant and hopeless.

Rating: 9.25/10


Sweet, soft pop, Rainbow is a great follow up to Feel Special. The upbeat nature of the song is very uplifting and makes you want to dance. Nayeon and Jihyo chorus duo shine on this track and bring that distinctive Twice sound to this song. The part that surprised me the most was the whistle note around 2:20 right after the bridge. I believe this track would also do well as a title track.

Rating: 9.1/10

Get Loud

This club-banger of a song is packed with energy and confidence. It is bold and in your face from the beginning. The chorus is sublime with its pounding beat and staccato line of “Get loud.” From the opening dramatic drumline, Get Loud brings a polished and thrilling song suited for Twice’s vocals. Props to Jihyo for penning the lyrics.

Rating: 9/10

Trick It

Trick It has some great production values with its roller coaster of a beat. The song brings a disco beat that gives the song that bumping instrumental. I really enjoy the short vocal riffs throughout the song. The best part is the splendid buildup to the hard-hitting chorus. I just wish the momentum was maintained throughout the song as the energy wanes a little toward the end.

Rating: 8.65/10

Love Foolish

The most experimental track of the album, Love Foolish is a slickly produced elctro-pop song. Those muted synths from the beginning really draw your attention from the get go. Chaeyoung owned the chorus with her English lines. However, Momo rapping in her normal register is the killer part for me.

Rating: 8.8/10


This is for you, these first words encapsulates the whole song. It is a song meant for Onces as a thank you for all their support. This is the first song all the members have participated in writing the lyrics for. I really enjoy the harmonies and how the song allows for the girls’ vocals to shine.  It is a simple, yet heartfelt ballad leaving you feel warm.

Rating: 8.75/10

Breakthrough (Korean Ver.)

Twice’s Korean remakes of their Japanese songs are never as good. Partly because the song was written with Japanese lyrics in mind and partly because of listening to the Japanese version first. I still love the edgy soundscape and the staccato hook of “Say, say don’t give up”, but I still wouldn’t choose this version over the original.

Rating: 7.8/10
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